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Nadas Kaz Dağları
Nadas Kaz Dağları
Nadas Kaz Dağları
Nadas Kaz Dağları
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Minimum age is 16.


Nadas Kazdağları has 14 rooms in total. Each room has its own unique story. 10 rooms, 3 villas and Nadas X Suite
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{"en":"Nadas Forest","tr":"Nadas Forest"}

Nadas Forest

You are going to meet the deepest green of the forest in our Nadas Forest rooms. Review Odayı İncele
{"en":"Nadas Deluxe","tr":"Nadas Deluxe"}

Nadas Deluxe

You are going to meet Aegean sea and pool view with balconies while you feel at peace at Nadas Deluxe rooms. Review Odayı İncele
{"en":"Nadas Grand Deluxe","tr":"Nadas Grand Deluxe"}

Nadas Grand Deluxe

Nadas Grand Deluxe rooms are inviting you to comfort and luxury. Review Odayı İncele
{"en":"Nadas Villa","tr":"Nadas Villa"}

Nadas Villa

Villa Nadas has been inspired by the ancient times of Ida mountains. Review Odayı İncele
{"en":"Nadas X","tr":"Nadas X"}

Nadas X

Nadas X is specially designed for you to experience the magnificent mixed view of the Aegean sea, mountain and the beautiful garden of Nadas. Review Odayı İncele
Nadas Kaz Dağları
I CONNECT YOURSELF WITH NATURE The best therapy is to be in nature. Take a deep breath and slow down. Feel alive while you are hiking or cycling.
II CONNECT WITH EARTH Open your chakras for well-being… Feed your soul,mind and body and indulge yourself the healthy way by tasting our made with nature dishes.
III CONNECT WITH OTHERS Our body and souls are like the soils that are waiting to be harvested. Connect with others and socialize at the long wooden tables by the fireplace.
IV CONNECT YOUR SOUL Feel alive by feeding your soul with aromatheraphy , meditation ,yoga, self realization therapies and small concerts.

Discover the Ida Mountain

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Nadas Kaz Dağları Nadas Kaz Dağları Nadas Kaz Dağları
Take a deep breath and connect with nature.

Our logo colors influenced by the color of nature. NADAS delivers its own brand of luxury and hospitality in a friendly manner.

Fir tree is an endemic species and its is the only tree that grows in Ida Mountains . Endemic is a plant species specific to the region that lives/grows only in a certain region due to the ecological conditions of the region where it is located, and is not likely to live/grow elsewhere in the world.

According to ancient stories, the Trojan horse used in the Trojan War was made from this fir.

Fir tree, which is our logo; expresses a service approach that makes its guests live and experience its own signature, history and nature.
Nadas Kaz Dağları
Discover Nadas Cuisine
Nadas Gastronomi
I Restaurant Delicate service with scrumptious flavors... Restaurant
Nadas Kaz Dağları
II Bar & Lounge Join us for our signature cocktails accompanied with homemade snacks.
Bar & Lounge
Nadas Kaz Dağları