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About Our Hotel

Take a deep breath and connect with nature
Our logo colors influenced by the color of nature. NADAS delivers its own brand of luxury and hospitality in a friendly manner.

Fir tree is an endemic species and its is the only tree that grows in Ida Mountains . Endemic is a plant species specific to the region that lives/grows only in a certain region due to the ecological conditions of the region where it is located, and is not likely to live/grow elsewhere in the world.

According to ancient stories, the Trojan horse used in the Trojan War was made from this fir.

Fir tree, which is our logo; expresses a service approach that makes its guests live and experience its own signature, history and nature.
Nadas’ın DNA’sı
Nadas’ın DNA’sı Take a Deep Breath
Nadas’ın DNA’sı Heal Yourself
Nadas’ın DNA’sı Enjoy the Moment
Nadas’ın DNA’sı Connect with Nature
Kendini Nadas'a Bırak!